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Reza Najafi

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Reza  started his  career in  Biomedical Engineering  when he was 18 years  old and by  the age of 21 he achieved  his first  EBME management  role. In the last  20 years, he  has had  number of engineering  and management  positions in various companies and  countries, including Service and operations management  positions in  the UK, including "Hospital Corporation of America",  the most senior manager of GTT, Senior Technical Trainer at EBME College of Tehran and one of the three founders and directors of the first EBME Graduate Association in Iran.

Reza  has completed  number of courses and degrees in  Heathcare Management, Business development, Biomedical Engineering, IT and Psychology and  has been a  member of different professional bodies, such as MEGAI and IPEM. Also,he has  designed number of  EBME software and websites to assist “Clinical Engineers” achieve higher professional standards.

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